Bellingham Gyms & Trainers

Bellingham is City in northern Washington State, near the Canadian border. Find a list of all gyms & trainers in Bellingham here!

A Personal View

A Personal View is a state-of-the-art private personal training studio that was created to promote one-on-one, customized training in functional fitness.

Functional fitness is an exciting new personal training methodology that incorporates a wide va

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Bellingham Athletic Club

Bellingham Athletic Club’s Cordata location opened its doors in 1975 as primarily a racquetball facility. Many of our longest members remember when the upstairs weight room was a lounge complete with a fireplace.

We have moved some equip

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Bellingham BJJ

We’re located in the heart of downtown Bellingham, one block from a parking garage that’s free after 5 and on weekends, and right next door to some of the best places to eat, drink and enjoy the place we live.

Our facility is 4,400 squ

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Bellingham Fitness

We’re very proud of the Bellingham Fitness community our team has created and fortunate the club is so easy to access with free parking in the heart of Bellingham.  We hope you’ll take the time to come visit us and feel the differenc

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Bellingham MMA

Bellingham MMA was Established in 2010 by Charlie Pearson, Landon Showalter and Jeremy Saunders. Bellingham MMA was created to foster and grow local fighters and athletic talent.

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Club Barbell

Club Barbell is an independently owned and operated gym.  John & Jessica are both passionate about weight-lifting, bodybuilding and self-improvement.  Together they want to provide fellow fitness enthusiasts and newcomers a great at

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Evergreen Strength

Evergreen Strength focuses primarily on functional fitness, olympic weightlifting and cross training. We work with outdoor enthusiasts including mountain bikers, skiers/snowboarders and weekend warriors. We also work with those who have physically dem

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Fight Lab

Fight Lab is a state of the art facility for the study of combat arts. The large, well lit facility has over 20 variety of heavy bags, 8 double ended and speed bags, stationary pads, dummies and medicine balls. The majority of our equipment is new, a

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Flex Movement Lab

We blend a fresh, no BS approach to movement + strength training to bring our clients cutting edge programs that yield results safely, effectively and in a fun environment. Feel the Flex difference. With our inclusive community, dedicated coaches who

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Forge Fit Gym

Our facility is fully equipped, clean and available 24-hours a day. Our goal is for you to be energized, inspired and get the results you desire.  It's the atmosphere you want and the workouts you'll look forward to.

Our group wo

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Gritworks Athletics



Gritworks Athletics is the premier sports performance training center in Bellingham, WA. We offer an innovative approach to athlete training – building on a solid athletic foundat

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Gym Star Sports

Led by highly trained, caring instructors, Gym Star Sports Center offers gymnastics classes for kids of all ages that are geared toward every ability level so every child feels like a star. We follow the USA Gymnastics progressions curriculum. For th

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Health and Exercise Prescriptions

At Health and Exercise Prescriptions, we play the roll of secondary health care. Your doctor is there for you when you are ill or injured; we are here for you at all other times to help you get and remain at your healthiest potential.  We are tr

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Homestead Fitness

  Homestead Fitness Center is a complete 24/7 facility. Our fitness center provides you and your family with everything needed to make your fitness goals and healthy lifestyle a reality. We are committed to providing our members and their gu

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Lifeforce Ninja

Life Force Ninja’s 6,000 square foot facility boasts a robust obstacle course with over 40 different individual challenges. We love to mix things up to keep it interesting, so you can expect that our course will change every 1 – 2 weeks.

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Lift Haus

 Lift Haus is set up for cross training, olympic lifting, yoga, mma, strength training, weight/power lifting, strong man, gymnastics, kettle bell-ing, metabolic conditioning, HIIT loving needs!  We are open 24/7 all dang year long

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Lift SC

Lift Strength and Conditioning is a private, appointment only facility designed for athletic development. we offer approximately 1500 sq ft and feature 20 meters of indoor turf for speed, agility and quickness work. for strength and power product

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Mpact 45

Our passion is health, fitness and getting people excited about exercise! We offer a structure based fitness program unlike what typical gyms offer. Our goal is to make each class the best 45 minutes of your day all while building strength, power, an

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Pure Fitness Martial Arts

Are you or your kids looking to learn martial arts or improve your fitness? Find it in our Muay Thai, Boxing, and Bootcamp classes.

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Rock Solid (Fairhaven)
Rock Solid Martial Arts
Theron Eirish

In Home Personal Training is a completely customized training program that will work for you and your health goals. Various techniques and education are available for you to learn from what you would like. I offer weight training, injury rehabiliatio

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Traditional Karate of Bellingham

Traditional Karate of Bellingham is an independent dojo located in Bellingham, Washington. It has no formal relationship with any larger organization in the martial arts world. The dojo was established in its current form when the instructors at Paci

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Trailhead Athletics

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned champion, Trailhead Athletics has a fitness program for you. Our team of trainers offers highly supervised, fun & challenging group workouts, personal training, and combinations of both. Your b

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Training Grounds Bellingham

One of a kind gym, open 24/7 for members! No crowds and no judgment! $49.95 - no contract $44.95 - 6 months $39.95 - 12 months - personal training (private & small group) - equipment for powerlifting, olympic lifting, bodybuilding, gener
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