At-Home Workouts are a Must for Your Health during the Global Covid-19 Crisis

At-Home Workouts are a Must for Your Health during the Global Covid-19 Crisis

May 16, 2020

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During the Covid-19 crisis most countries are in lock down and people are obliged to stay in quarantine. In general people often plan to start exercising and that does not always last. Especially during the Covid-19 crisis it is very difficult to go to the gym to do some exercises. The motivation decreases and the results take longer. This can, for example, ensure that you no longer do exercises to keep fit. To help you get over the first bumps, some of the benefits of working out at home and in general benefits of doing some exercises will be summarized for you in this article.


How to Get Motivated to Exercise

The best way to keep exercising at home is to focus on the benefits. Well, you'd rather stay on the couch now, but just think about how much healthier you'll feel tomorrow when you start exercising. Once you get the taste, see results and feel better and better, the chances are big that the sporty lifestyle will become a habit. Because whether you want to lose weight or want to gain weight, the fact is that fitness and other sports have many health benefits, especially during this global crisis.


Different Benefits of Sports

There are actually two main benefits of doing sports: Starting with sports is not only good for your physical health, but also for your mental health.


Furthermore, sports are also great for losing weight. Your general physical health will also improve considerably. The real question is what makes sports so healthy?


Your Heart will Get Stronger

An important plus for your health is that any kind of sport makes your heart stronger and healthier. This is absolutely a benefit when you are in quarantine for example. In a time where cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death, doing a sport is certainly not an unnecessary luxury. There are several reasons why exercise is so good for your heart. For starters, the heart is simply a muscle, which gets stronger when it has to work hard more often. Exercises also lowers blood cholesterol levels, a risk factor for heart disease. Finally, the risk of blood clots also decreases.


Your Immune System Improves

When you exercise regularly, your body is better able to deal with bacteria and viruses. That means that the well-known winter flu is much less likely to actually keep you in bed. Of course, the improved night's sleep that you get from sports also greatly helps to keep diseases out. So starting with a sport can strengthen your immune system in several ways. Very beneficial during this crises time.


Your Weight Changes

Many people start exercising because they want to get rid of excess fat, but there are also many people for whom the weight is the motivation to start exercising. Both losing weight and gaining weight are good if you exercise the right way. If you want to lose weight, you can burn a lot of calories with cardio training and you can do strength training for a faster metabolism. By increasing your metabolism, your body burns more calories and therefore you lose weight faster. In addition, strength training during weight loss ensures that you look tight and healthy once you have lost the excess fat.


If you want to gain weight and build muscle, you can achieve the muscular body of your dreams with strength training. Cardio to burn extra calories is of course not really necessary, but it can still be useful to improve your fitness.


Sports Make You Happy

Your body is not only getting stronger and healthier; after a while you will notice that you are also improving mentally. After all, sports also have many mental benefits.


First of all you will gain confidence. By exercising you stimulate your own confidence enormously. You are stronger, which is why you are more inclined to assume that you can get things done yourself. It is also nice to know that you can keep up with your training routine, also at home. Moreover, every time you look in the mirror you see how your body changes and you will find yourself more beautiful, whatever your training goal is.


Secondly, you become happy when doing the exercises. This may help you during the lockdown period and if you are in quarantine. If you get cranky from a sprint to the train this probably doesn't sound very credible. Still, you do become happy with sports, even if you need to do the exercises at home. When you exercise intensively, the substance endorphins are released, which makes you happier and more relaxed. The more regularly you exercise, the better the endorphin production starts and the happier and more relaxed you will feel.


Thirdly, you get more energy. At the end of your workout you are of course quite exhausted, but in the end you get more energy from sports. This is due to several processes that are set in motion. This way your brain is put to work harder, making you feel brighter and more productive afterwards. Your digestion also works harder, so you get more energy again. Finally, you sleep better if you exercise regularly. This also ensures that you are more awake during the day and get more done. In addition, a good night's sleep is an excellent way to feel better and happier.


How Do I Start Exercising?

Even if you are convinced of the benefits of exercising, it can still be difficult to find the motivation to start exercising at home. The main answer to the question "how do I start exercising?" is: take it easy!

Many people have too high expectations and start too fanatically. Not only does that increase the risk of injuries, it also almost guarantees disappointment. Instead, build gradually and don't set too high standards on yourself. That way you get the most enjoyment out of your new sports routine. And that is how you ultimately get the best result. Visit's Curated List of All At-Home Workouts today to gain more information with regard to at- home workouts, compare all the options and start exercising today.

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